Getting Started

Test it in less than 10 seconds...

It is very easy to start using Yes Postcode Search API. Because it is REST-based, all you need to do is create and send a GET request to our service. You can do it even with your web browser! Just click this link: 1OK.json for JSON response

or 1OK.xml for XML response for our test YP3 1OK postcode.

Get your API Key

An API key is required to use our API. Each Client can get an unlimited number of keys and each key can be topped-up separately. To get your key please contact us by phone, email or the live chat. The requested number of keys will be provided to you instantly.


We are providing a few sample postcodes to test the API even before getting an API key to let you implement our service instantly. After receiving your API keys you will be able to test the service against real postcodes. The knowledge base contains sample integrations in several programming languages.

Go Live!

When you are ready to go live, you will have to top up your keys. You can topup by Paypal, credit/debit card or by bank transfer. For more details please visit the pricing page. Each successful request to the API deducts a single request from the purchased requests pool. Unsuccessful requests do not modify the remaining requests pool.